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"Blackout L.A." Cover
"BLACKOUT L.A." Compilation - ACE 1 (CD) $9.99

24 punk bands express the angst of riot-torn Los Angeles, including Tres Flores, 1000 Mona Lisas, God's Gift to God, Bobsled, Love Deposit, Media Blitz, Crank, Ultra Violet Eye, Borax, The Living End, 12 and Counting, Zyklon-B, Quiver, Wreckage, Apache Dancers, Bean, and Son Gun!

"United X-Mas of America" Cover

U.X.A. "United X Mass of America" - ACE 9 (7") $4.00

De De Troit has re-formed the original San Francisco punk band with Dasher of the Dickies and drummer Suzi Homewrecker. This Christmas single on red vinyl is their first release in 15 years. A punk Silver Bells b/w the strident No More Fascism!

"Rocketships and Bullets" Cover
DeRita Sisters "Rocketships and Bullets" - ACE 6 (CD) $9.99

A 36 song CD romp from these funnypunks who blow the pants off Pansy Division with wacky songs of lust, humor, and weirdness. Mega craziness from these versatile, musically accomplished boys for the entertainment of sick people of all persuasions.

God's Gift to God - ACE 7 (CD) $9.99

The self-titled debut LP from this L.A. band featuring original Downy Mildew drummer Michael Marasse on vocals and Adam Bomb (x- Down By Law) on bass. Eleven tunes include Hormones Gone Awry, Home, Some Guys, Friend, Word. Incredible, tense, twisted rock....an instant classic!

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